STAR-CROSSED Interview with Matt Lanter and Aimee Teegarden


I was able to spend a few minutes with the cast of the CW’s series, Star-Crossed.  Along with Angie from Young Adult Hollywood, we spoke with Matt Lanter (Roman) and Aimee Teegarden (Emery) some questions regarding their characters and their involvement in series.

Star-Crossed airs Monday nights at 8pm on The CW.

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STAR-CROSSED Interview with Chelsea Gilligan and Victoria Gabrielle Platt



I was able to spend a few minutes with the cast of the CW’s series, Star-Crossed.  Along with Angie from Young Adult Hollywood, we spoke with Chelsea Gilligan (Teri) and Victoria Gabrielle Platt (Gloria) some questions regarding their characters and their involvement in series.

Star-Crossed airs Monday nights at 8pm on The CW.

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STAR-CROSSED Interview with Malese Jow and Jesse Luken



I was able to spend a few minutes with the cast of the CW’s series, Star-Crossed.  Along with Angie from Young Adult Hollywood, we spoke with Malese Jow (Julia) and Jesse Luken (Eric) some questions regarding their characters and their involvement in series.

Star-Crossed airs Monday nights at 8pm on The CW.

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STAR-CROSSED Interview with Meredith Averill and Adele Lim



We got to interview creator/writer of The CW’s Star-Crossed., Meredith Averill and writer Adele Lim.   They talk about what inspired the show.

Star-Crossed airs Monday nights at 8pm on The CW.

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STAR-CROSSED Interview with Natalie Hall and Greg Finley


I was able to spend a few minutes with the cast of the CW’s series, Star-Crossed.  Along with Angie from Young Adult Hollywood, we asked Natalie Hall, who plays human Taylor, and Greg Finley, who plays alien Drake, about what’s to come of their relationship and their character development.

Star-Crossed airs Monday nights at 8pm on The CW.

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STAR-CROSSED Interview with Titus Makin Jr. and Brina Palencia


I was able to spend a few minutes with the cast of the CW’s series, Star-Crossed.  Along with Angie from Young Adult Hollywood, we asked Titus Makin Jr., who plays Lukas, and Brina Palencia (Sophia) some questions regarding their characters and their involvement in series.

Star-Crossed airs Monday nights at 8pm on The CW.

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Interview with ARROW Martial Artist and Actress Celina Jade

Celina Jade, who plays Shado on the show Arrow, got a chance to answer some questions for TV Addict.  Here are some highlights:

Can you tell us a little bit about your character SHADO and what we’re going to see from her this season?
CELINA:  Basically with Shado last season, we delved into how she was introduced into the island, her training of Oliver, the little spark that happened between them and all the drama that followed afterward with the death of her father [Yao Fei]. So during the hiatus, five months have passed and Shado and Oliver are actually in a relationship now. So this season, we’re going to see how the love between Shado and Oliver starts to affect their trio with Slade and how it affects their relationship and their teamwork as a whole when it comes to surviving the island. There’s been hinting of pirates for this new season on the island. It’s actually going to be a really exciting, exciting season. I’m shooting along and reading the scripts as we go and it definitely kept me guessing as well and I’m quite shocked by some of the things that do happen. It’s going to be a really cool season for fans to watch and the island is going to get big.

That sounds really exciting. How would you describe this new season? Anything you can tease for us besides pirates?
CELINA: Yeah, I think this season you’re going to see ARROW move a lot towards superheroes.  They’re going to introduce a lot more names from the comic books that comic book fans have known for a long time. More bad guys also from the comic books. It’s going to be a really great concoction of all the superheroes from the comic books. Yeah, that’s what I can tease. (laughs)

640px-Shado_Celina_Jade_and_Oliver_Queen_Stephen_Amell-4-croppedYou mentioned that Oliver and Shado have a relationship that has developed. How’s it been working with Steven Amell and any favorite scenes with him so far?
CELINA: There are but I can’t talk about them! (laughs) There are definitely a few pretty awesome scenes that will be extremely memorable on the island that will happen in season 2. I mean, I really enjoy working with Steven as well as Manu (Slade). They’re really cool people and very different. Manu is very, very, kinda crazy and outgoing and fun. Every time we start a scene, you’ll see Manu do like 50 push-ups and start running. It’s really funny. Like just before we go into a scene because he’s a method actor.

Steven is very kind, he’s very nice and definitely protective. Especially when it comes to doing stunts and fighting and stuff. So he’s given me a lot of great advice because he’s been playing Arrow for a while. I’ve been learning archery, but it’s funny because there’s certain things that you wouldn’t think would happen while you’re shooting, for example, holding a bow and holding it for 15-20 minutes while people are having a conversation. It’s quite difficult. It’s quite exhausting, especially when you have to do take after take from many different angles. And he’s really good at being like ‘Oh, Celina, just relax. We can’t see you in this shot.’ Or [teaching me] how to run with [the bow] to make sure I’m not poking all them in the butt. (laughs)

It’s really fun. The action is just incredible, too. The choreography is great and they’re very creative. The writers are very creative. I literally am just reading, and we just finished episode 7, and I’m reading the scripts and I’m shocked, you know, as I’m reading along. The writers really know how to fix it up and they definitely don’t lack anything in the creativity department.

I know you come from a martial arts history. How is the training for the role of Shado compared to what you’ve worked on in the past?
CELINA: The different training I’m getting is definitely archery. Because I’ve never had to play an archer in any of my old martial art movies. But I have an incredible teacher, Patricia Gonsalves. She’s so cool. She’ll teach you how to shoot walking and talking and sleeping and hanging and running. (laughs) She’s such a cool teacher. It’s actually made me really passionate about archery. Now I have my own personal bow. I’m just waiting for a cover so I can ship it back to Hong Kong or bring it back with me. I’m a bit concerned about immigration stopping me, “This is a weapon. You can’t take it back.” (laughs)

What is it like being one of the strong women characters kicking butt alongside the men on this show?
CELINA: I love it. I think this is a dream role for me. I find it really boring, maybe not boring, but I find it difficult for me to play the subservient girlfriend type of role. I’ve had that problem in the past. I shot a romantic comedy and I was meant to stop a fight between my asshole ex-boyfriend and my best friend and I think I pulled the guy’s arm and he fell to the floor. The director was cracking up and like “Stop, you need to throw a handbag or something at him.” And I don’t know how to do that! I know how to block, defend and stop a fight. I don’t know how to take my purse and slap him in the face. That’s weird to me! It’s a weird action.

640px-Slade_Wilson_Manu_Bennett_and_Shado_Celina_JadeThis has definitely a dream role for me and I think it’s great that we’re portraying women as an equal to men. You know, because it happens and we do exist. Women like that do exist and it’s really cool to play that strong powerful woman. Even cooler to play someone who helps Oliver find the strength within him to become that hero. So I couldn’t have been luckier when it comes to landing a role on ARROW and landing that role, in particular.

It’s a lot of fun and I love the action. I remember, the director asked me “Are you looking forward to shooting out in the woods? Is there something you don’t look forward to or do you love it?” And I told her, I love it. I really love it. I love the action. I love running around. I love explosions going here and there and the adrenaline and the guns and the shooting and tripping over roots. You know, mastering choreography and walking out, except I trip over roots. (laughs) It’s fun.

We saw Yao Fei die at the hands of Fyres at the end of the season and now we’re jumping ahead five months. How is that going to change Shado now?
CELINA: Yes, it definitely does affect her. But I can’t really talk about how it changes her. You will see.

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Directors Chris Sanders and Kirk DeMicco Talk About THE CROODS

DreamWorks Animation film The Croods is now out on Blu-Ray and DVD, and here’s an interview with directors Chris Sanders and Kirk De Micco talking about the movie:

ComingSoon: You mention that it has been a very long road bringing this to the big screen. What’s the biggest change that “The Croods” went through between its inception and the final product?

Sanders: From my perspective, when I came onto this, it was a village and there were things about the movie that just wouldn’t get off the ground. We felt like we had worked for about a year and had done everything we could to the outline to make it work. It didn’t lift off. It just didn’t get off the ground. It was just too heavy. When I was gone on “How to Train Your Dragon,” Kirk was the one who said, “You know, we’ll unplug just one family from this community and make the movie just about them.” That was the biggest change and that was the key to make this movie work. Making it about one single family. The last family, as far as we know, on Earth.

CS: Can you tell me a little about the world-buildling process? It’s cavemen, but it’s more a fantasy take on cavemen.
 That was something, when we started doing visual development and stuff and were writing these scenes, we were very into the idea of making our own world. That was something that stemmed from the original talks with Jeffrey. Make it an original world. This is the Croodaceus era. It’s a period of time that we invented. For me, the point of that that worked so well is that we’re following a family through a road trip and they’re constantly amazed by what they see. They’re going through uncharted territory and we thought it was important for the audience to also be discovering things with them. When you’re going through that world watching it, you don’t know what those creatures are, either. There’s certain things that pop up that you really know are dangerous, but there’s also things like the birds. You think, “Oh, it’s just birds,” but then you see how they eat. We kept on surprising them and I think that helped to make it pretty clear that Grug was, obviously, very protective and afraid of the outside world. He’s not crazy. The outside world in the film is very dangerous. I think that was a big part of it and it freed us up to have more fun. We would kind of keep things grounded, though. All the textures in our movie are very realistic. Textures on the leaves. Textures on the trees. We would play these kind of games where we would just ask, “What if the shape of the tree was off just a tiny bit more?” Then we would make the surfacing more real. There’s a very fine line between having yourself grounded in the strange and, say, going to Dr. Suess-land. We ran the risk of getting too Suess-ical and we would kind of lose that sense that this family could be in danger. It was just too whimsical in a way. I think that became one of the hardest challenges of the film.

croods-blu-ray-dvdCS: To that same point, where do you begin when designing this realistic-but-fantastic creatures?
 We have a very, very talented designer here. His name is Takao Noguchi and we partnered with him to take the lead in giving the animals a consistent vibe. Whether or not they’re deadly or friendly, we want them to be appealing. Takao has such an incredible ability to do that. That said, we wanted this world to be one where the audience is in the same place as the Croods are. Whenever you see an animal, usually, at first glance, you can’t really peg it as a dangerous animal or a non-dangerous animal. That’s on purpose. We wanted everything to seem fascinating initially, like the little red birds that pop up out of the ground. They look kind of pretty until they massively become this 20,000 bird flock and start behaving like piranhas. That was the design principle. To keep them all appealing looking. A lot of the animals are combinations of two different animals that we might recognize. We thought that our method of going backwards in time meant that we could take animals we know today and combine them. As time moved forward, they either separated and became the animals we know today or they disappeared altogether.

CS: In the creature design process, was there anything that didn’t make it because it was just too weird?
 Not to weird. We had animals that were very, very big. It’s just that, when you’re making these kinds of films, you run out of time. That’s the hardest thing. Time is money and you run out of time. We had animals that were on the edge of being in the film, but they would come and go depending on which way the story turned.

DeMicco: We had a giant cat-fish that was actually like a cat and a fish. The fish-cat. He was great. He kept on coming in and then he’d be gone. We’d talk to the team and they’d go, “Is my character still in?” and we’d be like, “Yeah. This week it is.” Next week it would be, “Oh, sorry. It’s not.” We didn’t want to just cram them in there.

CS: It sounds like we’ll be seeing more of the Croods before too long. What’s the state of the sequel?
 There’s not much to talk about yet because we’ve got a big lump of clay and we’re forming it as we speak.

DeMicco: We just started talking with Jeffrey about it really like this week. Lots of good creatures. We’ve got creatures that never got into the first movie. We’re going to take a very, very close look at those.

Sanders: I know Emma [Stone], Nic [Cage] and Ryan [Reynolds] are all coming back, so we’re psyched about that. We’re looking forward to that.

I definitely look forward to seeing a sequel of The Croods!

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Marvel’s AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Video Interviews From San Diego Comic-Con

Check out these videos from San Diego Comic-Con, which was held last July. Chloe Bennet talks about the fans’ reaction during the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. panel, and Joss Whedon talks about getting the show ready.

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